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Tips to improve your bowling

Its all in the wrist action
As you develop your game the being able to position your wrist will add to your arsenal of shots. But for many bowlers a floppy wrist not only produces an inferior release but also an unintentional hook. Bowl a plastic ball straight down the center arrow and check to see. Once you are are conscious of what your wrist is doing you can control it and your game will improve.

Looking after your equipment doesn't just mean your balls
Looking after your own physical well-being will have an impact on your own bowling whether you are a once a week league bowler or an regular tournament performer. Good bowling technique becomes easier and smoother as you become fitter and more flexible.

Lighter doesn't mean weaker
A lighter ball can have a number of advantages over a heavier ball particularly in these days of improved ball performance. You can gain more speed with a lighter ball and most bowlers find it easier to add revs to a lighter ball. If you cannot bowl at 16 mph with the ball you have consider dropping down a lb or so. Experiment and find the best combination for you.

Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy
The key to success in ten pin bowling is being able to repeat with accuracy the same movement time and time again. In practice ensure that you are accurate in placing the ball exactly where you want it to go. It may be the wrong place to get a strike but once you are accurate you can work of finding the best spot to place the ball.

Taking out the 10 pin spare (7 for lefties)
You need to get as wide an angle on the pin as possible so move out to the left (right) hand side of the lane. This will give you a much better angle on the 10 (7) pin. Ensure you do not drift back to the right (left) on your approach. A number of top bowlers will target a line through the center arrow. Ideally use a ball that will bowl straight. Most pros use a plastic ball for this purpose.

Small Movements
Remember that the pins are a long way away. If you are targeting a arrows or boards at the near end of the lane any movement you make to the right or left will be exaggerated at the far end. So slow movements to the left or right are usually better to get you on target.

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