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The main suppliers of tape for Ten Pin Bowlers are Brunswick, Storm, Ebonite, Turbo Grip and Vise. Tape generally comes in 3/4", 1", 2" and 3" widths. 1" tape is typically used for thumbs, whilst 2" and 3" tape is used for fingers. Tape can be used onto your skin or into the bowling ball.
Brunswick and Storm produce the more traditional tape that is inserted into the holes. 3/4" is used for the finger holes, but as more people are using inserts this tape is less popular. The 1" tape is used in the thumb hole. The tape is available as a textured white or smooth black. The white is used in the front to give you grip and the black is used in the back to allow you a clean release. As your hand will vary in size and so will your bowling ball, add tape into your finger and thumb holes until there is a snug fit. Your can remove a piece if you need to.
Vise produce a product know as a Hada patch with is slicker than their standard tape. They also supply pre-cut thumb tape with very amounts of slickness. These are the VISE TA-1 and TA-2 Series Thumb Hole Tapes. Having the perfect amount of grip in the thumb hole is essential for a good release. It makes the ball feel lighter, helps create more ball speed, frees up the correct throwing position and adds revolutions!
  • Apply the TA-1 series Tapes inside the thumb hole on the nail side of the thumb hole
  • Apply the TA-2 Series Tapes in the thumb hole on the underside of the thumb

TA-1 Series Thumb Hole Tapes

  • TA-1c is a thin Teflon tape with a very slippery property designed to eliminate sticking spots.
  • TA-1d is made of thick plastic foam urethane designed to adjust the thumb hole size

TA-2 Series Thumb Hole Tapes

  • 5 different varieties of tapes allow every bowler to get the perfect amount of grip fo their game! TA-2b (most grip) > TA-2C > TA-2d > TA-2e > TA-2f (least grip).

Vise produce a product call bio skin which is for your fingers to allow smoother release. The blue tape is slicker than the white. Ebonite produce a very similar product called Magic Wrap.

Turbo have range of tapes for varying needs of bowlers shown in the table below.

Cotton Fitting Tape Patch Tape Skin Tape
Color Mint Purple Blue Flame Yellow Leopard Green Skulls Beige Black Blue
Weave Open, thick Loose Loose Loose Loose Tightest, Thin Ultra Thin Thin
Texture & Usage Course, slow release Slower Release Slower Release Slower Release Slower Release Smooth, Quick Release Slick, Quick Release Tacky Stretch
1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 2" 3"
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